CloudFlare causes Joomla ISSUE

CloudFlare Function

CloudFlare is a CDN(content delivery network) Service provider, cache web page data in different data center, give the terminal user faster web page access experience.

CloudFlare provides free plan (no bandwidth limited) and Pro Plan, let user trying their service and easy deploy their server.

What’s the problem?

We use a 3rd party component (Freestyle FAQs v3)  for Joomla, and We also customize a component let Joomla indentify the user country then redirect to different language website.

Joomla use an token to make user access correctly.

But CloudFlare with unknown issue, the Joomla token will return website error message.

How can I confirm this issue.

It’s easy, just modify the DNS setting,  bypass the cloudflare DNS setting. User access web site directly without CloudFlare CDN service.

Only disable the cache on the domain in the CloudFlare, will not help me to find-out this issue.

I had disable the cache before, but CloudFlare still shows me some unknown problem.

Finally find out this issue.

After Global DNS server update the domain setting, everything is fine and work correctly.

It just take me 10 minutes.

I don’t think this issue made from  different version from free and pro version service.

I still need to know more information about this issue, I will contact to CloudFlare, let them to answer me this root cause.

If I got more information about CloudFlare made Joomla issue, I will update for this article.


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