AT&T 伺服器亂擋信

同事寄郵件出去,收件人是[email protected]
網路上文章查到的資料,AT&T 伺服器連結都沒有辦法用,重點是無法自己回報從RBL中移除資料,只好寫信去

<[email protected]>: host[] said: 553

5.3.0 alph161 DNSBL:ATTRBL 521< >_is_blocked.For assistance

forward this email to [email protected] (in reply to MAIL FROM


所以沒有招,只能寫信給 [email protected]


Thank you for contacting the AT&T Postmaster Staff.

We investigate every block report and removal request we
receive and take the appropriate action, of which you will
be notified. It is never the intention of the AT&T
Postmaster staff to block legitimate mail. It is a rare
but unfortunate occurrence that legitimate correspondence
is blocked as a result of careful yet vigorous anti-spam
and abuse countermeasures. We would like to rectify your
mail delivery issue as soon as possible with your help. By
emailing this address you have already taken the first
step in resolving this issue.

When the AT&T Postmaster staff receives a request with the
needed information requests are evaluated. If granted, the
block will be removed within 24 to 48 hours. There are
situations when mail interruptions or blocks are in place
outside the AT&T domain. In these cases, we will attempt
to make contact with the party initiating the block and
seek a resolution. If there is no change after 48 hours
please include the current and complete error message that
you are receiving in your follow up email to
<[email protected]>.

For more information about email best practices and mail
delivery issues visit:

We reserve the right to deny or turn down a request if our
research shows the requested IP(s) being a violator of
SPAM or abuse policies currently, or in the past.

We at AT&T thank you for your assistance in reporting this
matter and appreciate your patience while we investigate
this issue.

AT&T Postmaster Staff



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