If you over usage the CPU & Memory in a hosting server

I hosting my several site in midphase(AnHosting),in last mid night , 3 of my site overuseage of the CPU & Memory.

They do not mail any notice mail to me. And just suspend my service. I was very tired last night. I think the status is temprory.

So, I go to bed , and get a nice dream. But this morning, the situation never change.

The suspend my account, and I wrote 3 service ticket to them, and never get any response.

I hove no chance to modify my site to improve the resource need. And the disable my account, I can not login to FTP , either.

After I login into custom service panel, I just see the one ticket, and it’s the 1st warning. The service guy told me that, 3 times warning, they will suspend my account.

But this is the 1st waring, they told me that “3 site of the account is over usage”. This is different of they policy. They told me , it’s the policy.

Their server does not provide any report, how can I care about the situation of my site?

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免費防毒 ClamWin VS. Avira小紅傘

CalmWin 免費軟體,無廣告,這是我所選擇的原因之一,Avira每次更新就會跳出一個視窗,告訴你個人免費版與專業白金版的差異性。這個我相信很多人都不是很喜歡,網路上有人教,把廣告隱藏的方式,我試過了,無效。

ClamWin有跨平台的好處,可以在Windows 2003 server上面版,不論是STD的版本還是Enterprise企業版都沒有問題。