Chrome browser mand a you a lot of 404 error.

it's a bad function.Chrome is a security browser,  and  many fans love those smart features.

When I check the error message, I find out something, Chrome will auto load the favicon.ico. Some of website use the jpg or png file as their favicon.
Chrome will made a lot of 404 error (not found), if we want to analysis these error message to make their server more stable. It’s will confuse the supervisor of website.

The supervision of website could not turn off all chrome browser to  load favicon.ico automatically  for all visitor.

Firefox and IE9 does not have same function, we can calculate the errors, and find out the attacks or death links.

Chrome developer , I suggestion you , to modify this function , try to load the favicon.ico for 2 times for a while , if load fail , automatically disable this function.


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