What’s going on with your name.com?

name.com can't accessIt was very slow to access name.com, today. I want to management my domain which dns host on name.com.

It’s just a simple work to change an “a” recode to point a website to another IP.

But fail again and again. I also remote login from home to name.com. It was fail ether.

I have a plan to use name.com to replace our interal name server. This name server locate in our server room, just used to be a name server only.

I don’t know the reason why we build a own name server.

It wasting the power, not only power this name server use, but also the air condition.

Name server only charge me 11 USD a year, it’s very cheap than this server locate in our server room.

But right now, I can’t login, Does name.com trustable? Let me think about it.

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