the bad service level on StartLogic

I order a service plan on StartLogic , $95.4 USD per year, and $9.99 for domian name.I last year, My customer don’t want to use their site service any more, So that I contact Startlogic, and let them to delete my credit card data, I use another mail account to recive their service mail, I just check the mail, StartLogic charge me for $95.4 USD.

My Issue
1.I let their service engineer remove to cridet card data, they forget remove it, and domain name does not pay any more, and site service charge me $95.4.
2.They charge me site service without domain name, I can not use their any service. They do not know this?
3.The bull shit customer protect policy, they don’t think about the customer ues or not , they just need you pay the service fee.

Why I don’t use their any service but I still need pay? I don’t know the reason they could charge me.

I use their service for 2 year, I have several think.
1.Their site techology is not good enough, I can not use Chinese file name, but other hosting site.
2.Their site speed is not stateable. I think they over sell to many customer, do you want your site is slow?
3.Their engineer does not have well

In last, I cancel my account, And they deduct my $35 for early stoping service. God , I need to pay the credit card service fee for the oversea order, and $35 deduct.

Totaly I lost for $40 USD, Do you want to a hosting plan, I will not suggestion you to order Startlogic hosting plan.


2012/01/09 再回來看這篇,StartLogic和他們的相關網站都有發信叫我搬回去,價格更低,而且宣稱服務改善,我怎麼看,網路上還是一堆人在罵,老實說,這個服務用一次就好,沒有必要把自己辛苦經營的成果拿回去賭看看。那樣的主機,只會吸引到不好的客服,如果你注重SEO,還是付多一點點的錢,買好一點的主機吧。

2017/02/07 五年後回來看這篇,目前我們自己架主機,自己管理,不用再受主機商的鳥氣。不要以為國外的主機商鳥,台灣的主機商也很鳥,比如說智邦、匯知、捕夢網數位科技,都一樣啦。


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