VMWare workstation 14 Guest XP too slow to work.

After I re-install my PC, newer VMWare workstation 14 that I choos for my VM require.
In version VMWare workstation 14, all XP VMs  tool slow to work.

Windows 7, Windows 10 , Linux ubunto , centos, work fine.

It’s tooks me a lot of time to test. And I re-install Windows XP Pro SP3 by ISO file, it’s not work either.
Finally I find the issue, it cause by AVAST anti-virus software.
After I remove AVAST, and install PANDA Free anti-virus software, It’s work fine.

In my case.
Remove AVAST and install Panda free Anti-Virus(you may choose other anti-virus software).

I deleted my XP base file during the test, until now, I still working to re-build a XP VM base.


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