XCP-NG Webadmin Xen Orchestra install

XCP-NG Center only for Windows base, but Linux ,BSD ,OSX do not support.

XCP-NG funder also create another project Xen Orchestra(XOA).

XOA has 4 Prodcut license level , include Free , Starter($77/mo), Enterprise($220/mo), Premium($550/mo),Free License do not include XOSAN license. XCP-NG remove GFS2(no opensource), If you want use iSCSI in XCP-NG, XOSAN is need.

To get XOA, you can choose one method as below.
1.Create Ubuntu VM, install by command.
sudo curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Jarli01/xenorchestra_installer/master/xo_install.sh | bash
2.Using ssh to login XCP-NG deply a VM.
bash -c “$(curl -s http://xoa.io/deploy)”

Login XOA server , useing command line to install XOA
default user, [email protected]
password admin

Settings, add a new VM Server for management

Please click “Unauthorized Certificates”, than click “Disconnected“.
(server self certificates)

Success connected to server.

After I modify default password and create a backup account, back to Dashboard, Check all status.

1.XOA Documents
2.How to Setup Xen Orchestra Community Edition (Free)


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